Belon Trade Consulting was first founded by Marie-Zoé Belon-Laitinen in 1998 and restarted this summer 2016.

This new start happens after 19 years of work experience in consulting but also as an entrepreneur and employee in French and Finnish Trade Centres.

Visit of STX France in St Nazaire with the purchasing departement and Finnish embassy crew

Belon Trade Consulting - Your partner in France

More than important it is primordial to have French partner by your side in order to succeed in France.

Only a profound understanding of the culture & habits, employment laws & regulations, accountancy differences and last but not least, specific French business ways; will allow you to first get in contact with the right persons, then understand what is expected from you. Only then, you will have the best chance to win the bids or deals and secure the future of your company in France.

Strong work experience in various metallurgic industries in French and Finnish companies will guarantee the best interpretation of these factors and allow you to value your products and services to the right persons with the right words or information.

Belon Trade Consulting can help you with the following issues either you want to:

-        Evaluate your chances on the French market and find out who are your partners, customers, agents etc…

-        Have good marketing material to present to the French potential customers

-        To take direct contact with French shipyards to present your products

-        To have support to review your offer and understand the scope, specific requirements that are usually very different from Finland

-        To have support in Finnish and French to prepare and during the negotiation meetings

-        Have a project manager to follow your progress in France

-        Find the right service provider to help you with accommodation, human resources, employment laws, business law, accountancy, insurances etc…

Keys to your success in France

1. Have the right information about your customers

2. Be well prepared for the meetings

3. Understand what is expected from you

4. Be patient and show you want to build a long term relationship

5. Understand French language and French culture